Contemporary ceramics and other media for interiors

Much of the work displayed at The Garden Gallery is suitable for interiors as well as the garden. The gallery supplies sculptures and ceramics for homes, offices and yachts. Please also browse the individual ‘Galleries’.
Adam Buick - Miniature Moon Jars
Adam Buick – Miniature Moon Jars (ceramic, 10 cm diameter)
Antonia Salmon – Dark Oval
Antonia Salmon – Dark Oval (ceramic, height 23 cms)
Antonia Salmon – Echo
Antonia Salmon – Echo (smoke-fired ceramic, height 44 cm)
Antonia Salmon – Gyrus
Antonia Salmon – Gyrus (ceramic, smoke fired and burnished, height 15 cms)
Antonia Salmon – Marbled Riffle
Antonia Salmon – Marbled Riffle (burnished smoke-fired stoneware, height 15 cms)
Antonia Salmon – Smoked Surge
Antonia Salmon – Smoked Surge (burnished, smoke-fired stoneware clay, 23h x 24w x 23d cms)
Antonia Salmon – Wind Rush
Antonia Salmon – Wind Rush (burnished smoke-fired stoneware clay, height 18 cms)
Carolyn Genders – Winterlight
Carolyn Genders – Winterlight (ceramic, 20h x 18w x 22d)
Chris Lewis – Pot
Chris Lewis – Pot (stoneware clay, height 57 cms)
Lotte Glob – Blue Lagoon
Lotte Glob – Blue Lagoon (ceramic, 52 cms diameter)
Lotte Glob – Blue Moon
Lotte Glob – Blue Moon (ceramic, 39 cms diameter)
Lotte Glob – Rock Pool
Lotte Glob – Rock Pool (ceramic, 31 x 38 cms)
Lotte Glob – Rock Vase
Lotte Glob – Rock Vase (stoneware clay, height 39 cms)