Figurative Sculpture in Bronze and Resin

Bronze is an alloy of tin and copper which has been used to make sculpture since antiquity. The ‘indirect’ method of lost wax casting dates back some 6,000 years. The skill of the foundry’s craftspeople gradually transforms the sculptor’s original from the first stage of making a rubber mould using the wax model through a number of stages to the lengthy and patient chasing of the metal prior to patination, the chemical application of colour using oxidising agents. The mould allows a number of casts, or editions, to be made whereas the ‘direct’ method of lost wax casting uses the original wax model which is consequently destroyed. Sand casting is a more recent, simpler technique using moulds of fine blocks of sand.

For further, detailed information about bronze casting read ‘The Alchemy of Sculpture’ by Tony Birks, published by Pangolin Editions and Marston House.

Bronze resin is resin mixed with bronze powder.
Ben Leach - Michael
Ben Leach – Michael (bronze, marble base, height 43 cm)
Nadine Collinson - Stag Head
Nadine Collinson – Stag Head (bronze, edition of 8, granite base, height 134 cms, with base 220 cms)
Sioban Coppinger FRBS - Kestrel Kytoon
Sioban Coppinger FRBS - Kestrel Kytoon (bronze, edition of 5, 110 x 70 x 80 cms, granite base). Photo: Firgrove Photographic
Giles Penny - Man who caught the moon.
Giles Penny MRBS, RWA - Man who caught the Moon (bronze plate, unique, 193 x 94 cms)
Joseph Hillier - Sanctum
Joseph Hillier MRBS - Sanctum (bronze, artist's proof, edition of 3, 60 x 40 x 50 cms)
David Begbie - Tuusum
David Begbie MRBS - Tuusum (bronze mesh, unique, copper colour paint, 151 x 75 x 20 cms)
Sioban Coppinger - The Dissident
Sioban Coppinger FRBS - The Dissident (bronze, unique, 160 x 60 cms)
Nadine Collinson - Roe deer
Nadine Collinson - Roe Deer (bronze, granite base, edition of 6, lifesize)
Sioban Coppinger FRBS   The Dissident Bronze Unique 160 X 60 Cms Copy
Sioban Coppinger FRBS - The Dissident (bronze, unique, 160 x 60 cms)
Nadine Collinson - Saddleback Hog
Nadine Collinson - Saddleback Hog (plaster resin, edition of 20, 55 x 40 x 33 cms, also available in bronze)
Sadie Brockbank MRBS - Cub
Sadie Brockbank MRBS - Cub (bronze resin, edition of 9, 101 x 55 x 30 cms)
Salvatore Anselmo - Contadina
Salvatore Anselmo - Contadina (bronze, granite base, unique, 35.5 x 14.5 x 1 cms)
Salvatore Anselmo - Couple
Salvatore Anselmo - Couple (bronze, granite base, unique, 27.5 x 26 x 8 cms)
Salvatore Anselmo - Sinale
Salvatore Anselmo - Sinale (bronze, granite base, unique, 35 x 14.5 x 1 cms)