Furniture for gardens does not have to be merely functional. The imagination of the artist can create inspired seating and tables which may also be sculptural and witty. A bench may evoke thoughts of the curves of a ship or the furl of a sail; it may reach back through memory, reinventing classical motifs with a contemporary twist. Both seats and tables offer opportunities to inscribe favourite quotations, or commemorate a loved one or a special occasion.
Alex Relph - Bench
Alex Relph – Bench (stainless steel, reclaimed oak, 135 x 105 x 45 cm)
Alex Relph - Table and Chairs
Alex Relph – Table and Chairs (galvanised steel, glass)
Robyn Golden-Hann - Table
Robyn Golden-Hann – Table (Priory limestone from Italy, inscription from The Song of Solomon, 1 m diameter)