Pots and sculptural ceramics

Pots can be placed in gardens to fulfill the function of sculpture. They can serve as a focal point to draw the eye across the garden, like a classical urn reinterpreted for the twenty-first century. They can draw attention to a significant group of plants, give a vertical accent to a pool or enhance and strengthen a sitting area on a terrace with colour and form. They can also be enjoyed for their beauty alone. The Garden Gallery's ceramic pots are hand built and high-fired to make them resistant to frost.
Adam Buick - Miniature Moon Jars
Adam Buick - Miniature Moon Jars (ceramic, 10 cms diameter)
Adam Buick - Moon Jars
Adam Buick – Moon Jars (stoneware clay, 50 & 40 cms diam.)
Adam Buick - Outcrop Derivatives
Adam Buick – Outcrop Derivatives (ceramic, tallest 29 cms)
Adam Buick - Quartz Jar
Adam Buick – Quartz Jar (stoneware with quartz paths converging, 40 cm diam.)
Carolyn Genders - Winterlight
Carolyn Genders – Winterlight (ceramic, 20h x 18w x 22d)
Chris Lewis - Bird Bath
Chris Lewis - Bird Bath (stoneware clay, 48L x 28H x 38D cms)
Chris Lewis - Pot
Chris Lewis – Pot (stoneware clay, 70h x 65w cms)
Lotte Glob - Blue Lagoon
Lotte Glob – Blue Lagoon (ceramic, 52 cms diameter)
Lotte Glob - Rock Pool
Lotte Glob - Rock Pool (ceramic, 31 x 38 cms)
Patricia Volk FRBS - Rubicon
Patricia Volk FRBS – Rubicon (ceramic, acrylic colour, 135h x 56w x 36d)
Wendy Hoare - Pots
Wendy Hoare – Pots (stoneware clay, hts. 80 - 95 cms)