Something unique for your garden, home or office

The artists at The Garden Gallery welcome opportunities to make commissioned work. Whether for public places, homes, offices or yachts requiring site-specific sculpture, or private gardens with space to accommodate larger pieces, commissioning a sculpture, a fine pot or a bench, perhaps with an inscription, allows for the creation of a unique work.
Having identified an artist you would like to commission, through visiting The Garden Gallery or browsing the website, the kind of piece required and an idea of budget can be established in discussion. You will then be put in touch with the artist who will want to see the proposed location for further talks and assessment. You may also want to visit the artist's studio. Once costs and timescale have been agreed the artist will produce a maquette (model) and/or drawings for comment. When everyone is satisfied the creation of the final piece can begin. This can take several weeks or months, or even a year or two, depending on what is involved. Payment is generally made in instalments, beginning with a deposit to secure the commission and pay for materials. Most people enjoy the commissioning process and want to feel closely involved by going to the artist's studio at some point, and in the case of bronzes visiting the foundry. Clients and artists can develop lasting friendships and the day the finished sculpture is installed is frequently one for celebration by all involved.

Previous Commissions

Winter by Richard Jackson MRBS & Sally Fawkes MRBS (a single cast of grey/blue and clear glass)

Aqua Crescent by Colin Reid MRBS (kiln-cast glass)

Gate by Alex Relph (steel)
Japanese Cranes by Jim Milborrow (stainless steel)
The River by Johannes von Stumm FRBS (bronze, glass, granite, Portland stone, stainless steel)
Void by Elizabeth Postma (Carrara marble)

Autumn by Charlotte Mayer FRBS (bronze)

Memorial Bench by Roger Stephens (Portland stone)

'And what of love...?' by Sioban Coppinger FRBS (engraved glass)

Anniversary Bench by Zoe Cull and Alex Evans (Portland stone)

Vermeer 21 by Rebecca Newnham FRBS (glass mosaic)

Untitled by Matt Maddocks (Indian granite - a larger, one-metre diameter version was commissioned for a gallery client)

Rise 4 by Rebecca Newnham FRSS (glass mosaic, ht. 2.5m, photo David Bird)

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