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"All the Fading Landscape"

2020 marks the tercentenary of the birth of Gilbert White, author of 'The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne'. As well as his close observations of local wildlife, Gilbert monitored the weather, commenting on the haze from a volcano which erupted in Iceland, for example.

With the planet in climate crisis, and wildlife in freefall, it is timely to remember Gilbert White and his love of and respect for the natural world.

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25 Years of The Garden Gallery!

Contemporary Sculpture, Ceramics and Lettering for Gardens and Interiors.

The Garden Gallery's recent exhibition marked 25 years since the gallery was established.

The exhibition has closed and the gallery is open by arrangement.

Charlotte Mayer Solar

The Unattended Moment

Summer Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture 2018

The Unattended Moment was inspired by a little book by Michael Paffard. The title comes from Dry Salvages in T. S. Eliot’s Four Quartets and Paffard's book is largely an anthology of writings by people who have had what he describes as “...brief flashes of experience...so out of the ordinary as to seem to belong to a dimension other than the quotidian, to be epiphanies of another order of reality: unattended moments in the sense that they do not seem to fit into our ordinary pattern of experience...”. To quote Eliot,

“For most of us, there is only the unattended
Moment, the moment in and out of time,
The distraction fit, lost in a shaft of sunlight,
The wild thyme unseen, or the winter lightning
Or the waterfall, or music heard so deeply ..."

Although frequently brief and always transitory it is the intensity of the unattended moments experienced by those quoted in Paffard’s book which has impelled them to try and capture it in prose or verse.

The exhibiting artists sought to express the essence and experience of the unattended moment through sculpture. New to the gallery this year are Nick Durnan, Kim Francis, Peter Furlonger, Lucianne Lassalle, Denis Di Luca, Matt Maddocks, Alain-Marie Parmentier, Jackie Perkins, Ben Russell and Jilly Sutton MRBS.  

Image: Solar (bronze, detail) by Charlotte Mayer FRBS - photo Steve Russell courtesy Gallery Pangolin.


Eric Marland

Making a Mark at the Garden Gallery - and Inspired by the Word

Making a Mark was the gallery's summer exhibition in 2017 - a celebration of craftsmanship. At the Private View the Lettering Arts Trust in Snape had a display about its work and some of the letter carvers exhibiting in Making a Mark gave demonstrations. Sarah Harrison, CEO of the Lettering Arts Trust opened the exhibition.


The exhibition complemented Inspired by the Word, an exhibition held in Winchester Cathedral, Gilbert White's Garden at Selborne, Chawton House Library, Petersfield Physic Garden, Petersfield Museum and the garden at Red House Museum, Christchurch. Inspired by the Word brought together a group of contemporary artists, some of them regular exhibitors at The Garden Gallery, to celebrate the literature of Hampshire writers Jane Austen, Edward Thomas and Gilbert White. 2017 marked the bicentenary of the death of Jane Austen in Winchester, and the centenary of the death of Edward Thomas at Arras. 

The Garden Gallery at Architectural Plants

The Garden Gallery exhibited contemporary sculpture for gardens at Architectural Plants, near Pulborough in Sussex in 2018. A number of the gallery's regular artists showed sculpture in stone, bronze, steel, glass and ceramic. Taking part were Mark Beattie MRSS, Adam Buick, Nadine Collinson, Sioban Coppinger FRSS, Sally Fawkes MRSS, Lucianne Lassalle, Eric Marland, Charlotte Mayer FRSS, Jason Mulligan MRSS, Rosie Musgrave MRSS, Ben Russell, Tracey Sheppard FGE, Will Spankie, Roger Stephens MRSS, Guy Stevens MRSS, Mark Stonestreet, Sarah Walton and Neil Wilkin.

Architectural Plants is a highly regarded centre of excellence, supplying superb plants from an impressive site.

Image above: Luna by Charlotte Mayer FRBS (bronze, photo © Marianne Majerus)

The Garden Gallery at The Grange Festival

The gallery exhibited sculpture by Salvatore Anselmo, Jon Buck MRBS, Sally Fawkes MRBS and Richard Jackson MRBS, Charlotte Mayer FRBS, Peter Randall-Page FRBS and Shelley Robzen MRBS at The Grange Festival in 2017.

The grounds at The Grange, near Winchester, have been returned to their Arcadian glory by eminent landscape architect, Kim Wilkie. To read more about this stunning Festival of opera, click the link below.

Footprints on the Sands of Time

With a special focus in the indoor gallery on new work by Charlotte Mayer FRBS, took place last summer.
2016 marked the tercentenary of the birth of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown, a man so influential that he is regarded as the ‘father’ of landscape architecture. His design style has come to epitomise the quintessence of the English countryside. The Capability Brown Festival 2016, managed by the Landscape Institute, celebrated Lancelot Brown with a nationwide series of events, exhibitions, competitions and projects to encourage people to discover and enjoy his landscapes. The Festival promoted Brown’s visionary and pioneering genius and a greater appreciation of our designed landscape heritage.

Lancelot Brown was a man who left deep “footprints on the sands of time” (A Psalm of Life by H. W. Longfellow). In the spirit of the festival of Brown's achievements and legacy, and the art and design of gardens, The Garden Gallery celebrated and promoted the role of contemporary sculpture and ceramics as key elements in the creation of beautiful gardens, a tradition reaching back centuries and now an integral part of garden design.

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Truth to Material

This was the theme of the gallery's exhibition in 2015.

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Johannes Von Stumm FRBS

Watch this award-winning video about Johannes Von Stumm FRBS


This exhibition took place at Winchester Cathedral during spring 2012. A group of artists from The Garden Gallery were invited to take part in a site-responsive exhibition curated by Sophie Hacker, the Cathedral's Arts & Exhibitions Consultant, and Rachel Bebb of The Garden Gallery. Frederic Chevarin ARBS, Sally Fawkes ARBS & Richard Jackson ARBS, Elizabeth Postma, Charlotte Mayer FRBS, Suzanne Redstone ARBS and Johannes von Stumm FRBS exhibited sculptures drawing on the function, architecture or history of this inspiring building. The chosen materials included those used in the original construction of the Cathedral – stone, glass and metal.

Images below – please contact The Garden Gallery for more information about the sculptures.
  • Observational Exchange by Sally Fawkes MRBS & Richard Jackson MRBS

    Observational Exchange by Sally Fawkes MRBS & Richard Jackson MRBS

    Cast glass, carved, stainless steel base, 200 x 23 x 9.5 cms
  • Big Cross by Johannes von Stumm FRBS

    Big Cross by Johannes von Stumm FRBS

    Bronze, glass, stainless steel, limestone, 180 x 50 x 50 cms, edn of 6. Photo: Joe Low
  • Concord by Charlotte Mayer FRBS

    Concord by Charlotte Mayer FRBS

    Stainless steel, edition of 6, 80 x 75 x 20 cms
  • Solar by Charlotte Mayer FRBS

    Solar by Charlotte Mayer FRBS

    Bronze, edition of 8, 106 x 62 x 20 cms
  • Lightcatcher - Confluence by Suzanne Redstone MRBS

    Lightcatcher - Confluence by Suzanne Redstone MRBS

    White China marble, stainless steel, metal plinth, 74 x 100 x 37 cms
  • Void II by Elizabeth Postma

    Void II by Elizabeth Postma

    Carrara marble, height 180 cms

The Figure in the Landscape

Rachel Bebb at The Garden Gallery was Guest Curator of an exhibition in Winchester during the winter of 2011/12, The Figure in the Landscape, which brought together a group of sculptors and ceramic artists for whom the landscape and the organic forms it supports are a powerful influence on their work. Joining Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore were Adam Buick, Chris Drury, Lotte Glob, Tim Harrisson MRBS, Charlotte Mayer FRBS, Rebecca Newnham MRBS, Peter Randall-Page FRBS, Keith Rand RSA, Roger Stephens, Rachel Schwalm and Emily Young FRBS.

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