2020 Exhibition: ‘All the Fading Landscape’

2020 marks the tercentenary of the birth of Gilbert White, author of ‘The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne’. As well as his close observations of local wildlife, Gilbert monitored the weather, commenting on the haze from a volcano that erupted in Iceland, for example.
With the planet in climate crisis, and wildlife in freefall, it is timely to remember Gilbert White and his love of and respect for the natural world. 'Exhibition 2020: All the Fading Landscape' is open indefinitely by arrangement only .
This ‘gallery’ contains images and details of sculpture, ceramics, lettering and original prints by regular and new artists, some of whom have created work specially for 'All the Fading Landscape', in acknowledgement of Gilbert White and his legacy. There is so much we can all do to reduce our carbon footprint and save our flora and fauna for future generations. I hope some of the pieces in 'All the Fading Landscape' will inspire us all to greater endeavour.
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Prices do not include delivery/installation.
Charlotte Mayer - Solar 2
Charlotte Mayer FRSS - Solar 2 (bronze, edition of 12, 84 x 20 x 80 cms, £11,750, photo: Steve Russell courtesy Gallery Pangolin)
Sioban Coppinger - Plough Horse
Sioban Coppinger FRSS - Maquette (work in progress) for bronze approx. 80h x 100w x 50d cms. Inspired by Gilbert White of Selborne, Sioban is creating a bronze of a plough horse ‘fading’ into birds following the plough. Here are “echoes of the old way of farming which fortified such diversity of flora and fauna, now disappearing”.
Danny Clahane - Swallow Tondo
Danny Clahane - Swallow Tondo (slate, Portland stone base, 55 cms, £1,195. Gilbert White wrote, "The hirundines are a most inoffensive, harmless, entertaining, social, and useful tribe of birds: they touch no fruit in our gardens; delight, all except one species, in attaching themselves to our houses; amuse us with their migrations, songs, and marvellous agility; and clear our outlets from the annoyance of gnats and other troublesome insects.")
Danny Clahane - Whorl
Danny Clahane - Whorl (Kirkstone green slate, marble base, 52h x 45w cms, £1,195)
Sadie Brockbank - Copse
Sadie Brockbank MRSS - Copse (bronze, unique, 26 x 22 x 22 cms, £1,850. Sadie has responded to the theme of the exhibition by exploring "the connectedness of beings".)
Tracey Sheppard - Bowl
Tracey Sheppard FGE - 'In the Invisible Places' (two-tone Studio Glass bowl, 10h x 33w x 26.5d cms, inscription from 'Ideogram for Green' by Alice Oswald, "In the invisible places Where the first leaves start Green breathes growth", £1,850)
Tracey Sheppard - Lens
Tracey Sheppard FGE - Watching Narrowly (glass lens, sandblast and drill engraved, 21.5 cms diameter, ht. 68 cms, steel frame handmade by Alex Brinkworth. Inspired by Gilbert White's own scientific method of "watching narrowly", over days, weeks, months, even years. £1,555)
Jackie Perkins - Bench
Bench (Scottish oak, Wilton Fell stone supports from north Yorkshire, 46h x 115w x 27d cms, inscribed “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin”, from Shakespeare’s ‘Troilus and Cressida', photo Hamish Robb. £1,925)
Robyn Golden-Hann - Genesis
Robyn Golden-Hann - Slate Tablet (22 cms sq., £180); inscription from Genesis 1:9, King James Version, which Gilbert White would have known as vicar of Selborne. As Gilbert was a great letter-writer Robyn has carved the slate in her own handwriting.
Maya Martin - Earthworms
Maya Martin - Earthworms (Welsh slate, 28 x 41 cms, quotation by Gilbert White of Selborne, £815)
Alyosha Moeran - Gloaming
Alyosha Moeran - Gloaming (Burlington slate from the Lake District, 36 x 58 x 12 cms + stone base, £965)
Peter Randall-Page - Lolui Rocks
Peter Randall-Page - Lolui Rocks VI (linocut, 20 x 23 cms before framing,inspired by Peter's participation in an arts project on the island of Lolui, Lake Victoria, Uganda)
Peter Furlonger - Goethe
Peter Furlonger - Tree of Life (screenprint roundel, 55 cms sq. unframed, "All theory, dear friend, is gray, but the golden tree of life springs ever green" by Goethe from 'Faust', £270)
Peter Furlonger - Cherry Trees
Peter Furlonger - The Cherry Trees (painted gouache, 40 x 73 cms, unframed, poem by Edward Thomas, £300)
Antonia Salmon - Tide that Moves the Moon
Antonia Salmon - Tide that Moves the Moon (smoke-fired ceramic, ht. 21 cms, inspired by 'I am the Song' by Charles Causley, £580)
Sasha Constable - Cerne Giant
Sasha Constable - Cerne Giant (linocut, edition of 30, 50 x 35 cms, unmounted, £210)
Eric Marland - Still
Eric Marland - Still (reclaimed slate, 12 x 8.5 x 4 cms, £1,110)
Emily Myers - Larger Pots
Emily Myers - Lantern Vase (ceramic, ht. 28 cms, £165); Large Seed Pod (rear, ceramic, ht. 19 cms, £260); Seed-Pod Vase (front, ceramic, ht. 17 cms, £165)
Emily Myers - smaller pots
Emily Myers - Ceramic Vases (hts. 6 - 16 cms, £68 - £98)
Guy Stevens - Pink Bird
Guy Stevens MRSS - I thought I did not like pink bird (Portuguese pink marble, 35 x 50 x 9 cms, ht. with oak base 135 cms, £2,220)

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