Lettering on stone, slate, wood, engraved glass and paper

A favourite poem, quotation or motto engraved on a glass panel or inscribed on a standing stone, bench or plaque can create a focal point to draw the eye across the garden. It can commemorate a loved one, a pet or a special occasion, celebrate the seasons and the natural world, or just be beautiful in its own right.

See also Galleries / Exhibition 2020: 'All the Fading Landscape' for latest pieces.

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Jackie Perkins - Bench
Bench (Scottish oak, Wilton Fell stone supports from north Yorkshire, 46h x 115w x 27d cms, inscribed “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin”, from Shakespeare’s ‘Troilus and Cressida', photo Hamish Robb. £1,925)
Eric Marland - Still
Eric Marland - Still (reclaimed slate, 12 x 8.5 x 4 cms, £1,110)
Eric Marland - Tread Softly
Eric Marland - Tread Softly (Egyptian limestone, inscription by W. B. Yeats, 58 x 40 cms, £1,185)
Eric Marland - Getting Closer
Eric Marland - Getting Closer (riven green slate shards, Portland stone base, ht. 65 cms incl. base, £1,110)
Peter Furlonger - Wordsworth Bowl
Peter Furlonger - Glass Bowl (text from Wordsworth's 'Tintern Abbey', "The still sad music of humanity". engraved, gilded, painted, 14h x 29w cms, £1,250)
Annet Stirling - Sound of Silence
Annet Stirling - Sound of Silence (green slate, 40 cms sq, £1,185)
Annet Stirling   Leaves Of Gold
Annet Stirling - Leaves of Gold (riven slate, 25.5 x 46 cms, from Galadriel's Song of Eldamar by Tolkein, £595)
Lisi Ashbridge - Rainbow
Lisi Ashbridge - The Rainbow Appears With A Smile And A Tear (slate, 8.5 x 1.2 x 2 cms, £1,250)
Tracey Sheppard - Bowl
Tracey Sheppard FGE - 'In the Invisible Places' (two-tone Studio Glass bowl, 10h x 33w x 26.5d cms, inscription from 'Ideogram for Green' by Alice Oswald, "In the invisible places Where the first leaves start Green breathes growth", £1,850)
Tracey Sheppard - Watching Narrowly
Tracey Sheppard FGE - Watching Narrowly (glass lens, sandblast and drill engraved, 21.5 cms diameter, ht. 68 cms, steel frame handmade by Alex Brinkworth, £1,555)
Tracey Sheppard - Make Hay
Tracey Sheppard FGE - Make Hay (detail, engraved glass, slate base, 70 x 22.6 cms, £1,775)
Maya Martin - Earthworms
Maya Martin - Earthworms (Welsh slate, 28 x 41 cms, quotation by Gilbert White of Selborne, £815)
Maya Martin
Maya Martin - Plenty of Apples (Welsh slate, 40 x 28 cms, from 'Apple Pigs' by Ruth Orbach, £885)
Robyn Golden-Hann - Genesis slate
Robyn Golden-Hann - Slate Tablet (22 cms sq. £180); inscription from Genesis 1:9, King James Version, which Gilbert White would have known as vicar of Selborne. As Gilbert was a great letter-writer Robyn has carved the slate in her own handwriting.
Peter Furlonger - Childhood Bowl
Peter Furlonger - 'Childhood shows the man, as morning shows the day' (Dartington bowl, grey-cased transparent, gilded & painted, trails around stem, 35cms diameter, text from Milton's 'Paradise Regained'. Photo Tamzin Mackie, £950)
Peter Furlonger
Peter Furlonger - At Prayer (Jane Austen, engraved glass, gilded, box-framed, 68 x 48 x 5 cms, £1,250)
Peter Furlonger - Illumination
Peter Furlonger - Illumination (engraved glass, gilded text, backboard gouache and acrylic on paper, wooden frame, 103 long x 33 cms, detail, £1,000)
Peter Furlonger - Splendour in the Grass
Peter Furlonger - Splendour in the Grass (engraved, stained glass, 163 x 53 cms, handmade glass by Lamberts, text from 'Intimations of Mortality' by Wordsworth, £15,000)

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