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‘Oceania’ by Rebecca Newnham FRSS

Rebecca Newnham FRSS, a regular exhibitor at The Garden Gallery, has created ‘The Oceania Series of Vermeer Reliefs’, inspired by a trip to Tokyo and Auckland early in 2020.

Click on ‘Oceania’ to find out more.

Works on Paper at The Garden Gallery

The Gallery is offering a small selection of prints and drawings by Harry Brockway, Peter Randall-Page FRSS, RA, Sioban Coppinger FRSS, Jo Sweeting, and paintings by Sally Fawkes MRSS and Charlotte Mayer FRSS. Click on Galleries in the main menu / Original Prints and Works on Paper. 

Image above: Hybernaculum Head by Jo Sweeting. Printed on beautiful paper and now framed in black oak at the gallery. Inspired by the words of Gilbert White of Selborne in this the tercentenary of his birth.

The Thornflower by Charlotte Mayer FRSS at Coventry Cathedral

Charlotte Mayer's sculpture for peace and reconciliation is now in Coventry Cathedral, which has an active Reconciliation Ministry. This beautiful Cathedral, designed by Basil Spence, is a treasure trove of works of art by Epstein, Piper, Sutherland, Frink, Clarke, Coper and others. The Remembrance season has seen a performance of Britten's War Requiem, commissioned for the opening of the Cathedral in 1962. The building stands alongside the ruin of the old Cathedral, destroyed by bombs in 1940.

To read more about The Thornflower visit Charlotte Mayer's page under 'The Artists'. Click on the link for images.

Charlotte Mayer FRSS - The Thornflower (bronze, stainless steel)

The Garden Gallery at Architectural Plants

The Garden Gallery exhibited contemporary sculpture for gardens at Architectural Plants, near Pulborough in Sussex in 2018. A number of the gallery's regular artists showed sculpture in stone, bronze, steel, glass and ceramic. Those taking part were Mark Beattie MRSS, Nadine Collinson, Sioban Coppinger FRSS, Sally Fawkes MRSS, Lucianne Lassalle, Eric Marland, Charlotte Mayer FRSS, Jason Mulligan MRSS, Rosie Musgrave MRSS, Ben Russell, Tracey Sheppard FGE, Will Spankie, Roger Stephens MRSS, Guy Stevens MRSS, Mark Stonestreet, Sarah Walton and Neil Wilkin.

Architectural Plants is a highly regarded centre of excellence, supplying superb plants from an impressive site. 

The Garden Gallery at The Grange Festival 2017

The gallery exhibited sculpture by Charlotte Mayer FRBS, Peter Randall-Page FRBS, Jon Buck FRBS, Shelley Robzen MRBS, Sally Fawkes MRBS & Richard Jackson MRBS, and Salvatore Anselmo at The Grange Festival in 2017. See also 'Exhibitions'.

The grounds at The Grange, near Winchester, have been returned to their Arcadian glory by eminent landscape architect, Kim Wilkie. To read more about this stunning Festival of opera, click the link below.


by Rebecca Newnham FRBS
Now at HSBC Bank, Solent Business Park, Fareham - Soar by Rebecca Newnham MRBS (glass aggregate). For the clients, Soar considers a swan taking off from water and the symmetry of its wings in reflection. This sculpture has a strong relationship with the surrounding wetlands of Forum One as Bens Lake and New lake are close to the building as well as the rather more obvious proximity of the River Solent.’

Photo: David Bird.

Echoes in the Memory

Blown Away by Sioban Coppinger FRBS
This was a stunning exhibit in Echoes in the Memory in 2014. Thanks to the generosity of Peter and Carole Wilcock from Winchester who visit the gallery regularly Blown Away is now in the Boyes Garden at the National Memorial Arboretum's new Remembrance Centre in Staffordshire. Click on the link on the right for more information.

Sioban says of the sculpture, Blown Away is a study of a moment. The young man, his life fleeting as a gust of leaves, sees the whole world in a glance. ‘…Time present and time past are both perhaps present in time future…’. Inspired by T. S. Eliot’s Four Quartets, this piece pays homage to so many brave people whose lives are altered by their time. The plinth fabricated in mild steel is reminiscent of hastily dispatched munitions… or a ship's funnel… left to rust. Its stripes of bronze reflect adopted strength.’

A poem by Ingrid Seifert, a violinist with London Baroque, inspired by Blown Away

JUNE 2014
Where will you be
what will you say
when war with
laurel leaves
the wreath of honour weaves,
when wind while
youthful years
are spent blows dry their tears,
when fear holds
hands with me
to frighten off the enemy
and darkness
shines its light
on my companion’s longest night?
Where will you be
what will you say
when you remember
that hope and glory’s dying ember
was blown away?
Where will you be
what will you say?

Click below to watch a short video of Neil Wilkin making Hanging Spirals – available from The Garden Gallery


Much of the work shown at The Garden Gallery is equally suitable for interiors. The gallery is gradually offering more pieces for the home and office, and last year sold two bronzes by Charlotte Mayer FRBS to yacht designers for a luxury yacht. Click on ‘Galleries’ in the main menu for Contemporary Sculpture and Ceramics for Interiors.

Image: Scintilla by Charlotte Mayer FRBS, bronze, height 45cms.
Photo: Steve Russell

(Almost) Spring News, including New Times Ahead!


Contemporary sculpture, ceramics, lettering, original prints for a lockdown lift!


Latest news - contemporary sculpture, ceramics, lettering, original prints & other works on paper, benches


MAYFLOWER 400: the epic transatlantic crossing of the iconic 'Mayflower' inspires a dynamic sculpture by Nadine Collinson

CELEBRATING 300 YEARS SINCE THE BIRTH OF GILBERT WHITE OF SELBORNE ON 18 JULY 1720! Contemporary sculpture and lettering at The Garden Gallery - news!

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'Exhibition 2020: All the Fading Landscape' opening by arrangement!

Spring News from The Garden Gallery

Something Special for Someone Special? Contemporary Sculpture, Ceramics, Lettering, Original Prints for the Festive Season.

Autumn News!

Dancing in the Clouds 2 by Shelley Robzen MRSS - OFFER!

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Autumn at The Garden Gallery

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Making a Mark at The Garden Gallery

Inspired by the Word – an exhibition by contemporary artists celebrating the literature of Jane Austen, Edward Thomas and Gilbert White.
Inspired by the Word takes place in Winchester Cathedral, Gilbert White's Garden, Selborne, Petersfield Physic Garden, Chawton House Library and the Red House Museum, Christchurch.

Blown Away by Sioban Coppinger FRBS is now in The Boyes Garden at the National Memorial Arboretum's stunning new remembrance centre, Alrewas, Staffordshire.

Adam Buick at The British Museum.

Glass sculptors Sally Fawkes MRBS and Richard Jackson MRBS in ‘Reflection’ at Salisbury Cathedral.

New pots by Wendy Hoare at The Garden Gallery.

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